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Acer is a computer company listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE). This makes it possible to buy Acer stock and invest in this company. Acer delivers computer hardware and software to both consumers and organizations. Acer’s products are sold in more than 100 countries through dealers and distributors. Furthermore, Acer belongs to the largest computer companies in the world.

History of Acer stockBuy Acer stock

The founder of Acer, named Shih Chen Jung, was born in 1945. Shih Chen Jung studied at the National Chia Tung University. In 1972 he obtained his master’s degree. After his master’s degree he went to work as a design engineer at Qualitron Industrial Corp. After having been in service for almost 4 years at Qualitron Industrial Corp., Shih Chen Jung took the step to start working for himself. Shih Chen Jung asked the support from friends to establish the company Multitech International. The company was founded in 1976 with an initial capital of $ 25,000. In 1981 the company changed the name from Multitech International to Acer. The company name Acer is derived from the Latin word “acute”. The launch of the MicroProfessor in 1981 was the first international success of Acer. The MicroProfessor is a pedagogical tool. The pedagogical tool made Acer an internationally known company. In addition, Acer has taken over a number of computer companies to increase market share. For instance, Texas Instruments Computer was acquired by Acer in 1997. The largest acquisition by Acer took place in October 2007 when Acer bought Gateway and Packard Bell. Due to these acquisitions, Acer is one of the largest computer companies in the world.


In 1984, Acer’s first shares were offered to its employees. This made approximately 3,000 employees shareholder of the company. The initial public offering of Acer took place on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) in 1988. Since then, Acer shares are publicly traded on the stock markets. As for 2016, Acer is still listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE).

Company structure

On December 2014, 7166 employees were working at Acer. Acer’s Headquarter is located in Sijhih City, Taipei County, Taiwan. That same year, the company generated sales of $ 10.4 billion, with a profit of $ 57.5 million. Acer’s sales decreased significantly due to disappointing results in 2010. In 2010, Acer’s sales were almost twice what they were by the end of 2014. This significant decline has affected the share price of Acer.

Stock market history

The price of Acer has seen many fluctuations since the IPO. At the end of the nineties Acer’s share price increased significantly. At the start of the nineties, Acer’s share price was around 55, – dollar per share. On 24 March 2000, the price of Acer reached a peak of 216.80 dollars per share. The share price quadrupled in nearly 10 years. The reason for this was the Internet bubble. As the Internet bubble collapsed, Acer’s share price dropped. The lowest point was reached on 28 September 2001. The price of Acer was $ 25.20 per share. In about ten years time after the all-time low, Acer’s share price recovered to 95, – dollar per share. Due to disappointing company figures in 2011 the price of Acer fell again. The price of Acer was around 30, – dollar per share in 2011. Acer’s share price drop has continued in 2016. The price of Acer fluctuates in 2016 around 12, – dollar per share.

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