Buy SABMiller stock

Buy SABMiller stock

Besides Heineken, SABMiller is one of the largest breweries in the world. This South African company is specialized in the beer and beverage industry, is active in all continents, and is headquartered in London, England. This brewery owns about 200 brands, four of which are global brands.

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SABMiller is a publicly traded company since 1999 and is listed on the London Stock Exchange. The company is part of the FTSE 100, the main index of the stock exchange in London. With sales of $ 21.4 billion in 2008, SABMiller is a good business to invest in. With 200 brands, SABMiller is also cooperating with Coca-Cola. SABMiller sells about 21 trillion litres of beer in 75 countries per year. You can buy SABMiller stock with a large number of brokers.


SABMiller was first known as South African Breweries. Due to a growing demand for beer from workers in Johannesburg, SABMiller was founded in 1895. Since then, the brewery started to expand more and more in Europe. After taking over Miller Brewing Company in 2002, the brewery decided to adopt the name SABMiller and to move its headquarters from Johannesburg to London.


SABMiller’s largest and globally available brands are the following:

  • Fosters
  • Grolsch
  • Miller Brewing Company
  • Peroni Nastro Azzurro
  • Pilsner Urquell

SABMiller: a global company

The brewery SABMiller operates in six continents and is gradually working to grow and acquire other brewers in order to reduce competition. In Africa, the brewery has activities in 31 countries. China has a national brand of beer called Snow, which is currently the most popular and most brewed beer brand in the country. In Australia, SABMiller acquired the popular beer brand Fosters. Europe was no exception and SABMiller acquired breweries there as well. Grolsch, a famous Dutch beer brand was acquired in 2008 by SABMiller. In America, the brewery has taken over several Latin American beer brands. A large proportion of all beer brands owned by SABMiller comes from that continent.


SABMiller also has environmentally conscious activities at all plants and countries in which the brewery operates. An example of this are the new bottles which are lighter than normal. This is because 30% less glass is used than before. Not only do they use less material, producing the bottles also requires less energy. This will also reduce the emissions from all plants, another good reason to buy SABMiller stock.


In 2010, SABMiller was accused of tax evasion in African countries such as Ghana, Tanzania, South Africa, Mozambique and Zambia. According to ActionAid, the brewery has dodged around £ 20 million pounds.

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