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Buy and sell shares Beyond Meat

Meat is no longer trendy, which a company like Beyond Meat is proving. After the IPO, their shares immediately rose more than 160%. But how can you profit from investing in Beyond Meat? Where can you buy and sell Beyond meat shares and what should you look out for when trading this company’s shares. You […]

Investing in Dropbox

It has been a while since the most recent initial public offering of major company, but another major initial public offering is in the pipeline. Online storage service Dropbox filed an application for an IPO at the beginning of January. The IPO and investing in Dropbox in general will be discussed on this page. Dropbox […]

Netflix technical analysis

Technical analysis: lower highs for Netflix

Globaltrader24 has indicated his negative outlook for Netflix stock earlier this year and regular visitors of our blog have been able to benefit from a short position in Netflix. Higher levels are not followed by higher highs Netflix’s shares are very popular, especially among the younger generation. They believe in the future of the company […]

Investing in Virtual Reality

Investing in Virtual Reality

Investing in Virtual Reality Virtual Reality is one of the fastest growing sectors in the technology landscape. However, it is still a small market, just 1% of the computers is ready for VR. But this doesn’t prevent companies like Facebook, Nvidia, Sony and GoPro to invest millions in this promising technology. The following years, the […]

Buy Yahoo stock

Green light for Yahoo

Green light for Yahoo Yahoo’s share price has been in a narrow range for weeks. But this week an outbreak was forced, causing the uptrend to gain momentum. The graph now shows an upside potential of over 15%, which implies buying opportunities for trend-following investors. I will indicate the technical landscape of Yahoo stock and […]

Nintendo share price

Nintendo share price unstoppable: hype or unique investment opportunity?

Nintendo share price unstoppable: hype or unique investment opportunity? Nintendo’s share price has been unstoppable over the past two weeks. Since the new game Pokemon Go became a huge hype worldwide, investors were fighting to buy the shares. In two weeks time, the share price has increased almost 100%. The Nintendo stock chart looks more […]