European stocks potential

3 European stocks with recovery potential

3 European stocks with recovery potential David Herro, American businessman and CIO of Harris Associates, shares with CNBC some of his European picks he expects will recover in the coming period. Two of these three stocks are banks and Herro explains why European banks are currently interesting. Herro has a longstanding position in Credit Suisse […]

Consequences of Brexit

Business as usual | Consequences of Brexit

Brexit; more than enough is being said and written about it. In a world where opinions are more important than facts, it is wise from an investor’s point of view to first consider the implications of the Brexit on the main swing factors in the world economy: China’s economy, the dollar and the policy of […]

FTSE 100 composition

UK markets price in full-blown recession

There is something quaintly British about trying to accentuate the positive from UK markets at the moment, but it’s getting increasingly tough, even by our stiff upper lip standards. Exhibit one for those trying to stay smiling is the FTSE 100, just look at it go. It had a wobble the day after the referendum, […]

Irish stocks take a beating after Brexit

Earlier this year, Ireland commemorated the centenary of the Easter Rising, a rebellion on the path to independence from Britain. But a more recent so-called independence day, has been a rather less happy occasion. Since the result of the UK’s EU referendum was announced the ISEQ overall stock index has fallen by more than 12%. […]


We’re all Japanese – Analysis of ECB’s policy

Since the recent financial crisis it has become evident that the central banks are in control of financial markets. The enormous stimulus used by the monetary authorities had a particularly large effect on financial assets. Interest rates were declining and stocks were bought. This disruption on financial markets is a clear sign that capitalism is […]


Could a Grexit provoke a Brexit?

It are and it will remain exciting times. On Sunday, July 12, all the leaders of the European Union will gather in a special meeting to consider the Greek question. At the time of writing the dominant idea among politicians and policy makers is that a decision will be made regarding a Grexit or not. […]

Greece referendum

All Greeks say “OXI”

The Greeks have voted against the proposals of the lenders in the referendum. The negotiations continue. Greeks vote NO As much as 61% of Greeks said “no” to the proposals. This is exactly what the Greek government was hoping for. According to them, this would give Greece a better position for negotiations with the creditors. […]

Greek referendum

Greeks do not want to leave the Eurozone

Greeks do not want to leave the Eurozone As the negotiations are put to a halt again, there is a growing number of people pronouncing that Greece will likely leave the Eurozone. The chance that this will indeed happen is actually very small. Greek people The Tsipras government is trying to improve the situation for […]

Greece credit rating

Moody’s lowers Greece rating

Moody’s lowers Greece rating Moody’s believes that it will become more difficult for creditors to recover their money from Greece. The rating agency, in response to the current situation in Greece, lowered the credit rating for the country. The creditworthiness of the country at Moody’s is now Caa3. That is one of the lowest categories […]