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Investing in CFDs, Forex, Futures and other financial products always brings with it high risks. These investment and trading instruments may not be suitable for you. High leverage can be disadvantageous for you and may lead to the automatic close of positions. Before you decide to invest or trade, it is wise to gain sufficient knowledge and determine what goals and targets you have. It is also important to fully understand the products you are trading in so you do not make wrong decisions. It is important that you have enough capital, since there is a possibility that you lose all of your deposited funds. Therefore only trade or invest with money you are willing to lose. When in doubt about potential risks ask an independent expert for his advice or opinion, opinions and advices of globaltrader24.com are not binding and are not aimed at your personal situation.

Any kind of information on this website should not be construed as a recommendation to invest or trade in anything whatsoever. We only try to get you interest in the market and the various trading possibilities, we do not try to persuade or convince anybody to make risky investments. globaltrader24.com, its employees, and its authors cannot be held liable for any loss or damage whatsoever.

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The content on globaltrader24.com may contain errors or typos and should therefore not be used to make important financial decisions. Always consult a professional when trading or investing large amounts of money. We cannot be held liable for any damage caused by any content on the website.


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